Go Through It!

Jaqueline Davidson's "Go Through It!"

People often say and believe that God allows you to go through different things in your life to see what you are going to do. I believe, God already knows what you are going to do, it's you that needs to find out what you are going to do. How you are going to act or react! You are to see yourself and discover the lessons you're supposed to learn in order to see where you need to improve. You have to allow the Holy Spirit and His Son to help and strengthen you to pass the test the next time it comes around. Because if you don't go through your test correctly, you will take the test it again!
Do you find yourself complaining through the whole ordeal or even blaming others, instead of being prayerful and seeking God for strength, understanding, wisdom and guidance through whatever trial or tribulation you are facing?

Remember you have to go through to get to!

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